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2013 Field Study: June 22 - July 4

The 2013 Ocean for Life Field Study was hosted by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary in California. Hands-on and immersive activities engaged students of diverse cultures and backgrounds with an opportunity to discover marine science, conservation, and how the ocean connects us all.

America's national marine sanctuaries provide the optimal setting for this unique opportunity to enhance cross-cultural relationships, while creating a stewardship ethic for the ocean and the universal human experience.

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Read the summary report from the 2013 field study


Video: Jean-Michel Cousteau talks with 2013 Ocean for Life participants about the lessons they've learned and about how they can turn those lessons into actions back home.

As part of the Ocean for Life field study, participating students create media projects to showcase what they've learned from their experiences. Click below to see the 2013 projects:


Spreading the Word

The Ocean for Life program has an impact far beyond the two week field study. The program teaches students to be ocean leaders, and alumni become ambassadors of ocean stewardship and cross-cultural understanding. Below are some examples of how alumni have taken the lessons they learned back to their schools and communities.


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Ocean for Life promotes ocean science, enchances cultural understanding, and fosters a safer world. Problems facing the ocean today cross national boundaries and require global solutions. Be part of the solution by helping support Ocean for Life.

"We have the power to change individual’s lives. And it’s through those individuals that we have the power to change the world. And that’s what Ocean for Life is all about.” – Jason Patlis, NMSF President

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